Foundry Investment

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Six for Emom: @Beau Taux @McFly @doa @Pintooooo @privatedancer and YHC
Warmup: SSH, Reacher, AbeV, LBACF, LBACB, Chinnoks

Workout: 5 Min EMOM – Jump Rope, cindy big boys, American Hammers, Flutters, run for two, rest for one;
5 min EMOM – Jump Rope, goblet Squats, left leg lunge pulse, then right leg, run 2 min, rest one
Last Round: Jump Rope, Pax arm choice: ground to overhead, burpees, and perfect pushups

Music: AngryCAD Spotify

Word of the day: Invest – take time to invest in yourself and those around you. Compound those investments in yourself, in your spouse, in your 2.0s, and in our community!


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