Pure Joy!

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  • When: 04/24/2024
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Ladies Room Snaggle The Judge. Statue of Liberty Half Moon. Inside Out. Outhouse. High Pitch. Triple Bogey. All respecters Depends 3 Peat. Double respecters

It wasn’t until the prayer that I remembered the message for the day: pure joy.
My seven year old daughter rode home from school yesterday in the FRONT SEAT…coming from the prison of a child seat and then the back seat, who knew that it could be so exciting…
We all like new things. It’s better than the old boring things. The key is to make the old boring things new again. Think about that as you go about your day…everything is new again…
The warm up;
Stretches. MT climbers / paddles. Downward dawg..

Toy soldiers///skip back. Toy soldiers. Mosey back
Flying nuns. Lunge walk with LBC’s
Grab a Cindy

The thang:

Killer B’s
Bear crawl. 100ft
Broad jump back. Every 5 broad jumps. 3 burpees ..
Bearmuda triangle.
Lay on your back.
Legs 6 inches off ground.
Pump hands up and down 100 x
Heavy Freddie’s.
Walk up and back the length of the field with a Cindy
Heavy Freddie’s again
Table top and child’s pose stretch’s
prayers for 3 peat and Kate and pure joy.
Always a pleasure to lead

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