Zamboni’s Hills

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  • When: 06/24/24
  • QIC: Zamboni
  • The PAX: whiff, seatdown, sewer pipe, gekko, unhinged, lego, precious, bowzer, low voltage, sod, air drop, Rocco (downrange)

The Thang.

  1. Warmup with 13 Pax in parking area. Slow mosey to base of Main Street Bridge.
  2. 10-20-30-1. 10 merkins, 20 squats, 30 ab-exercise of choice, 1 burpee.
  3. Run up bridge at faster pace (as fast as possible) than usual to first overlook.
  4. 16-4. 16 monkey humpers, 4 4-count merkins.
  5. Mosey back down the bridge. Rinse and Repeat.

WHY this THANG? 10+20+30 equals 60. plus 1… 601, the house number of our new home in Ambridge PA. 16-4. I have been in Jax for 16 years, and part of F3Jax for 4 years.

COT. Pushing your pace up the hill each time was more difficult each rotation… in life pushing through the hard things actually helps those hard things become more familiar and easier. Don’t stop EHing. Don’t stop posting. Do the hard things.

I am thankful for my F3Jax Brothers!

Love, Zamboni.IMG_4179

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