Something Humid This Way Comes….

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Jacksonville is known for many things, there’s a river, we have a semi-professional football team, and now..high culture. After the inaugural Shakespeare in the Park Beatdown on Saturday at Memorial Park, this humble playwright took pen in hand to comprise a most humble Tragedy. The Tragedy of MacBowzer. Read on MacPax to see how the […]

SHAKESPEARE?? In the park??

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Prologue Jacksonville has long needed Shakespeare in the park. Too bad it came to this! “Oh what fools these mortals be!” Your humble correspondent did’st hastily proclaim that a professional he was not. Pax were welcomed to the show and the curtain went up on this Tragicomedy called, “A Comedy of Bowzer’s” loosely adapted (not […]

An acorn was popped!

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YHC saw that Kessel was open so why not? At the appointed time and place the Pax set off for the destination of Treaty Oak Park. We used a mosey-like fashion. Any beatdown that presents an opportunity for Pud to say “Hello Ladies!!” is just bonus. Today was a bonus day! The Thang We started […]

This is my backblast

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So, short sweet and to the point. We did things today. Things with coupons. Warm A rama: Side Straddle Hops 10 ish Reachers- about the same. LBAC F and B Wonderbras- a not unreasonable amount. Mosey around the parking lot to the field for… The THANG We did multiple rounds of the following four exercises […]

6th Grade all over again

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When YHC was in the 6th grade, my mother decided I should host a pool party. I thought it was a terrible idea but was overruled. I sent out the invitations and when the big day arrived…one person showed up. Jerry Rothschild. We made the best of it, but yeah it hurt. So this morning […]

Dear Diary

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Dear Diary, last night I was so excited YHC had a hard time going to sleep. Not only was I visiting a distant AO, but I also signed up to Q in this foreign land. IT was huge leap outside of my comfort zone. So off I went this morning at 4:30 to find my […]

Burpee Biscuits for breakfast boys?

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Well it’s been a while since YHC has taken the time and effort to write a backblast. So here goes. Today was the start of the 40 Day Queen challenge, so what better way to kick it off than with some good old-fashioned biscuits. Buttery Burpee biscuits!! Boyah! Warm up…. Side Straddle Hops Reachers Michael […]