Sweaty but not smart

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Today could have gone much different if the Pax were smarter. But they just weren’t. I even gave them a  heads up to study. But to no  avail. Anyway, here’s what happened. By the way, all the trivia questions occurred on July 13th. Warm up- We did stuff. The Thang- Get your cindy and mosey […]

Backwards to go forward?

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YHC had been contemplating something different for a while and this morning seemed like the perfect time to bring it to fruition. After all, Hey Big Papi would be there, which meant unfiltered and continuous feedback. What could go wrong? The Flag was planted, cones placed in the field and time was called. The Thang […]

8 Pax that did not need ointment

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Well once again, YHC sat on the couch last night and wondered who had Q for Anthill. A quick search revealed…”ITS YOU!!!” Not wanting to exert a lot of gray matter and really wanting to avoid a “made up beatdown” YHC went thru the Backblasts of Yore and came up with one. Done. It was […]

It’s a long way to Boulder

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YHC is not sure when he realized that he had Q for BOHICA. Late Tuesday afternoon or early Wednesday. Regardless, YHC was not really sure what would transpire this morning. The Michigan came to mind. Until Heisenberg made a weird face after TACMO.  A posting was made to leave the cinderblock at home because the […]

There is no I in team.

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When YHC realized that he had the Q for Saturday two thoughts went through his illustrious hair laden head. 1. It’s my sister’s birthday and 2. What should be done. So a poll was posted with 3 simple questions. 1. Do something with cinderblocks, 2. Pearls on a string or 3. Make it up as […]

Yes Hey Big Papi, there is a Santa Claus

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Twas the morning of the night before Christmas and the downtown Pax were ready to celebrate a 2020 Christmas. YHC was as giddy as a Spider Monkey since there would be no cindy’s. Pud may have been disappointed. But cyborgs usually are. Gekko was absent, which was heartbreaking since YHC originally planned a beatdown in […]