A lot of 7’s

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8 PAX at Chop  Shop! Warm ups – although we need this less now that it is JUNE and Chop Shop is getting warm. We don’t enjoy some of the sea-breezes that other AOs do… The THANG: Ladder 5 burpees on baseline at each interval 5 V-ups on baseline 5 Diamond Merkins AMRAP for 10 […]

Ground Hog Day Repeato

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9 Pax for some Repeato work on a very chilly Ground Hog Day! 43F and windy! Ground Hog Day is a made up thing – but it is 1/2 way between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, so there is that.  While you’re waiting on Puxsutawney Phil – the ground hog – it’s like waiting on […]

Santa’s Little Helpers

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20 Pax helped ol Saint Nick carry his bags of goodies for all the 2.0s… December 19, 2020 – Christmas is Coming! Help him carry his Goody Bag Warm Up The Thang – Pair Up! 12 Days of Christmas! – Grab Santa’s Goody Bag: 50 lbs sand bag! Mosey to the hill for a quick […]

Chop Shop Coffee Rocks!

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Okay, the header is just because have our own coffee services on Tuesdays…you should join us! Thanks, Septum! Warm Up stuff The workout Suicides – Descending burpees, start with 12, drop by 1 Pull up and Decline Merkins sets – 7 pullups and 10 Dirkins X 7 Mosey to light on the street, monkey humpers […]

Chop Shop Core!

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8 PAX for a core work session! Slight warm up then the THANG: 10 Spiderman Pushup – L then R then pushup; 3 burpees; 10 BBSUP with twist to L then R; 3 burpees; 10 Squat with toy soldier; 3 burpees X 3 RUN 400m 40 squats; 40 seconds plank; 30 squats; 30 seconds plank; 20 squats; 20 seconds plank; 10 squats; 10 seconds plank x2 […]

IPC Week 1 at Chop Shop

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This sounds so easy…but the stupid 1 min timer goes off constantly and you are having to do 3 burpees… WOD: The workout is a 3 Burpee EMOM while cumulatively working through the following exercises: 50 Hand Release Release Merkins 100 Leg Raises 150 Jungle Boi Squats _ 2Spoonz Style 200 BBSUs 250 Stationary Lunges

Chop Shop IPC Week 2

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Complicated workout. Mostly carrying your cindy around: Place coupon at Shovel Flag.  Start timer.  Complete a 400m run that starts and ends at Shovel Flag (do no carry block) Pick up block and complete 10 Thrusters at the Shovel Flag Rifle carry coupon to cone A (please completely move beyond/around cone) Complete 25 Decline Merkins […]

Chop Shop Day 2

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Q was wondering a) if the property manager would have remembered to open the gate early for us, and 2) if anyone else was going to show for Day 2! Answer was yes and yes! Warm Up Suicides – 20 squats, 18 squats, 16 squats, 14 squats 20 flutter kicks, 18 fks, 16 fks, 14 […]