Rucking and The Beast

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Warm Up  Grab Ruck – to Stop Sign and back, together Planks Squats Plank Squats  To Pavilion with RUCK: Step Ups – 10 each leg (i.e. 20 total) Irkins – 10 Dips – 10 Step Ups – 5 each leg Irkins – 10 Dips – 10 Lunge walk around pavillion Overhead Press x 15   […]

Chop Shop Ruck and Stuff

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Warmup 1/2 mile Ruck 10 merkins 15 rocking chairs 20 flutter kicks – hold ruck up 15 rocking chairs 10 merkins 1/4 mile Ruck 10 overhead press 15 plank toe taps 20 kettlebell swings 15 plank toe taps 10 overhead press 1/4 mile Ruck 1 min dead hang 1 min plank 1 min American Hammer […]

A lot of 7’s

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8 PAX at Chop  Shop! Warm ups – although we need this less now that it is JUNE and Chop Shop is getting warm. We don’t enjoy some of the sea-breezes that other AOs do… The THANG: Ladder 5 burpees on baseline at each interval 5 V-ups on baseline 5 Diamond Merkins AMRAP for 10 […]

Ground Hog Day Repeato

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9 Pax for some Repeato work on a very chilly Ground Hog Day! 43F and windy! Ground Hog Day is a made up thing – but it is 1/2 way between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, so there is that.  While you’re waiting on Puxsutawney Phil – the ground hog – it’s like waiting on […]

Santa’s Little Helpers

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20 Pax helped ol Saint Nick carry his bags of goodies for all the 2.0s… December 19, 2020 – Christmas is Coming! Help him carry his Goody Bag Warm Up The Thang – Pair Up! 12 Days of Christmas! – Grab Santa’s Goody Bag: 50 lbs sand bag! Mosey to the hill for a quick […]

Chop Shop Coffee Rocks!

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Okay, the header is just because have our own coffee services on Tuesdays…you should join us! Thanks, Septum! Warm Up stuff The workout Suicides – Descending burpees, start with 12, drop by 1 Pull up and Decline Merkins sets – 7 pullups and 10 Dirkins X 7 Mosey to light on the street, monkey humpers […]

Chop Shop Core!

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8 PAX for a core work session! Slight warm up then the THANG: 10 Spiderman Pushup – L then R then pushup; 3 burpees; 10 BBSUP with twist to L then R; 3 burpees; 10 Squat with toy soldier; 3 burpees X 3 RUN 400m 40 squats; 40 seconds plank; 30 squats; 30 seconds plank; 20 squats; 20 seconds plank; 10 squats; 10 seconds plank x2 […]

IPC Week 1 at Chop Shop

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This sounds so easy…but the stupid 1 min timer goes off constantly and you are having to do 3 burpees… WOD: The workout is a 3 Burpee EMOM while cumulatively working through the following exercises: 50 Hand Release Release Merkins 100 Leg Raises 150 Jungle Boi Squats _ 2Spoonz Style 200 BBSUs 250 Stationary Lunges