New F3 Jax AO Starting Saturday, July 11th

Men of Clay County, F3 is coming to you!  Join us at Thunderbolt Park, 5700 US 17, Fleming Island, FL  on Saturday, July 11th at 7:00 AM for an outdoor, Boot Camp style workout and welcome you to F3 Nation.  Stay afterwards for some coffee and fellowship.  No sign up necessary, but you can reach out to us using the contact tab with questions.  You can also reach us on twitter (@F3Jacksonville) and Facebook (F3 Jacksonville).

Weekly Schedule

Workout Site NameTypeDayTimeWorkout Location
BadlandsBoot CampMonday5:30 AMDavis Park (Ponte Vedra / Nocatee)
GenesisBoot Camp Monday5:30 AM9A/Baymeadows Park (Southside)
Hard NOCs*Boot CampMonday6:30 AMNocatee Welcome Center (Nocatee Proper)
Kessel RunRunMonday5:30 AMFriendship Fountain (Downtown)
AnthillBoot CampTuesday5:30 AMSouthside Park (San Marco)
BadlandsBoot CampTuesday5:30 AMDavis Park (Ponte Vedra / Nocatee)
ThunderdomeBoot CampTuesday5:30 AMFields at Fruit Cove Middle School (Julington Creek)
TACMORuckWednesday5:30 AMFriendship Fountain
GoodlandsBoot CampWednesday5:30 AMDavis Park (Ponte Vedra / Nocatee)
Pool PartyBoot CampWednesday5:30 AMSouth Beach Park (Jacksonville Beach)
TombstoneBoot CampWednesday6:30 PMCrossRoad Church front lawn (Southside of Jacksonville)
BOHICABoot CampThursday5:30 AMSouthside Park (San Marco)
BadlandsBoot CampThursday5:30 AMDavis Park (Ponte Vedra / Nocatee)
Hard NOCs*Weights (WOD)Thursday6:30 AMNocatee Welcome Center (Nocatee Proper)
Half Dollar*Boot CampThursday6:00 AMFields at Fruit Cove Middle School (Julington Creek)
StampedeRunFriday5:30 AMFriendship Fountain (Downtown)
Hurt Locker*RuckFriday6:30 AMFields at Fruit Cove Middle School (Julington Creek)
Anchor (Pre-Workout Run)RunSaturday6:00 AMMemorial Park (Riverside)
AnchorBoot CampSaturday7:00 AMMemorial Park (Riverside)
Poseidon (Pre-Workout Run)RunSaturday6:00 AMSouth Beach Park (Jacksonville Beach)
PoseidonBoot CampSaturday7:00 AMSouth Beach Park (Jacksonville Beach)
BoondocksBoot CampSaturday7:00 AMFields at Fruit Cove Middle School (Julington Creek)
Hard NOCsBoot CampSaturday7:00 AMMickler's Beach Entrance (Temporary AO for June 27 only)

*Locations marked with Asterisk are being run during COVID/while Pax are mostly 'work from home' — these AOs may change/shutdown once things go back to normal. 

Workout Locations

Hover over or click on points on the map to see more details about the selected workout.  The map is sortable by day and workout style.

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