"It's like these guys are speaking another language!  What does all this funky lingo mean?"


"What was the name of that horrible exercise again?"

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Freed to Lead: F3 and the Unshackling of the Modern-day Warrior

The official autobiography and manifesto of F3, highly recommended for all pax, from FNGs to veterans, from HateHates to Double Respects (see the Lexicon)

QSource: The F3 Manual of Virtuous Leadership

In this book, DREDD outlines the framework for becoming a virtuous leader, one that leaves a Legacy behind and truly makes an impact on the world."

Q Resources

We use SignUpGenius to coordinate Q schedules for our AOs throughout the Jacksonville region.  Click above to sign up to lead a workout or see who is scheduled to bring the pain this week!

For pax who are newer to F3 and are stepping up for their Virgin Q or just need a refresher, the Q Guidelines are a helpful resource in PDF format.  Learn what makes an effective Q, how to plan a workout, when to use a Weinke, and other helpful tips to make your first Q a guaranteed snotwoggler.