Bing’s Blocks

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8 Pax got out of the fartsack this morning and chose to post and play with Bing’s Blocks this morning. All PAX were advised to bring a CMU block. Luckily Xenu has extras since not all pax are on social media. Warm-Up Tubthumpin – Burpees and SSH Micheal Phelps – 15IC LBAC F/B – 15IC […]

Uno Mas

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19 PAX gathered at ANCHOR to get better and to meet the famous Aquaman and his neighbor (FNG Bearded Lady). Today’s Beatdown is brought to you by UNO. Welcome Schwing as well! Warm-o-Rama All IC x20 Michael Phelps Goofball Hillbillies BAC f/b RTR Cherry Pickers Morocan Night Club Don Quixote The Thang: Today is all […]

A Disco Sighting at Dolly!

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4 pax posted in the weekend gloom for an extra early double down treat before Anchor.  Jumanji handed YHC the reins whilst standing in the parking lot, citing something lame about not knowing his way around downtown.  Hence the following beatdown originated on the fly.  The mumblechatter was epic, and the highlights have been reproduced […]

Forge Ahead

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6 Pax showed up at 6pm to Double Down. YHC had some car troubles and showed up a little late but still ran Hans Solo. 2 guys rucked for 3 miles and SOC, Big Bird and OTC put a few miles under their belt. 12 Pax arrived for ANCHOR on a seasonally cooler (but still […]

Four Corners

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11 PAX decided that sleep was secondary to their brothers even though the conditions were “perf” to Fartsack. UA’s were handed out as we determined that installing fences are not to commence before 8:00am, sorry Drone.  Disco=MIA 59 degrees clear and 0 gloomidity. Warm Up all IC x20 unless noted Seal Jacks, (really had some […]