Chop Shop IPC Week 2

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Complicated workout. Mostly carrying your cindy around: Place coupon at Shovel Flag.  Start timer.  Complete a 400m run that starts and ends at Shovel Flag (do no carry block) Pick up block and complete 10 Thrusters at the Shovel Flag Rifle carry coupon to cone A (please completely move beyond/around cone) Complete 25 Decline Merkins […]

Merkin Around the Clock

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4 HIM of Fleming Island went searching for a good spot for a Thursday beatdown.  While Moccasin Slough was a decent park, but it was a little too dark for the Pax’s liking.  The search brought the group back to our Saturday AO of Thunderbolt Park.  Maybe they were hoping YHC would take it easy […]

No Running

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    8 pax joined YHC on a humid Monday at HN. The promise of no running was met with mixed excitement and apprehension. After a quick warmup we were off, to nowhere. “In truth, the only restrictions on our capacity to astonish ourselves and each other are imposed by our own minds.” David Blaine […]

Chop Shop Day 2

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Q was wondering a) if the property manager would have remembered to open the gate early for us, and 2) if anyone else was going to show for Day 2! Answer was yes and yes! Warm Up Suicides – 20 squats, 18 squats, 16 squats, 14 squats 20 flutter kicks, 18 fks, 16 fks, 14 […]