Bracket Busting Beatdown at Boondocks

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Despite late nights watching as much NCAA basketball as possible, 6 PAX fought the fartsack and posted for a Bracket-Busting Beatdown at Boondocks. YHC was not in a great mood after checking his bracket after Round 1 and finding two of his Sweet 16 (Wisconsin and Iowa State) have already bowed out of the tournament. […]

Where Have the Defenses Gone?

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Lucky 13 HIM of Jacksonville muddled through the early, soggy gloom and posted for Feud’s pre-Super Bowl party beatdown. The Pax were greeted with bright lights at the park and as well as a large mulch truck that was blocking YHC car from exiting. Really hoping they would be gone by the time we were […]


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8 High Impact Men fought the forces of the fartsack and mustered enough courage to post at Boondocks. YHC had a plan in place, but a lack of oxygen to his brain following a solo Dolly and an unexpected turn of events resulted in a few audibles being called. With 3 FNGs amongst the Pax, […]

Run, Rum & Recovery

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BigBird & Snuffy were no shows this morning but had an excused absence… something about a baby being born?  Congrats Grandpa Snuff & Uncle Bird! Feeling lost without BigBird, Seatdown, Drone, Pyro, Whiff, Jumanji, Septum and the “Fastholes”, Bing and I decided to journey to Stagecoach for some running & active recovery exercises.  We attacked […]

50 Yards of Suck!

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YHC was happy to see the Pax rolling in as he was fearful the workout would be a PUD / Xenu duo. Friday night fun prevented YHC from getting to sleep at a reasonable hour and around midnight the below was cooked up! The Pax seemed to enjoy it as they embraced the suck! CONDITIONS: […]