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7PAX joined YHC on an eventful, humid morning in the gloom. (Outhouse demonstrated astrology knowledge pointing out the spaceship in orbit while bearcrawling on the turf field. Later before the return trip a few pax rescued a racoon from a trash can.)  The Q expressed thanks for having the constant presence of F3 over the […]

Machu Picchu Mosey

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3 walkers and 7 runners joined in the gloom. Runners took the long way over the Acosta bridge for a short stay at Machu Picchu. Bunny hopped up the steps followed by 3 burpees and 10 variety merkins. Bunny hop back down followed by 20 variety core workouts. Rinse and repeated 6 or so times. […]

Coupon Fest at Boondocks

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Warm Up Suicides – goal line, 10 yrd, 20 yrd,30 yrd, 40 yrd – each round do the following exercise: • 5 merkins • 10 burpees • 15 big boy situps • 20 squats – elbows to knees • 25 cross mountain climbers (count one leg) Suicides With Coupon – pretty much everyone had cinder […]

Say Yes

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Warmup 1 lap mosey SSH x10 LBAC F/B x10 MP x10 Reacher x10 LM DD stretch OYO   Thang Route 66>Turf field, every light add 1 Burpee, 8 total. Goal line Partner Up 5-4-3-2-1’s exercise out, sprint back, stack each group 0-10 BC X5 10-20 Lunge X4 20-30 CB X3 30-40 IW X2 40-50 Crab […]

Exercises in Encouragement

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10 PAX unfartsacked themselves to get what they came for. A standard, down and dirty beatdown that tests your mind, will and emotions. Keys to success: Positive attitude, encouragement from your brothers, competition and accountability! YHC is reminded of just how much we need others in our lives for support, encouragement and accountability. There is […]

The New Normal

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The New Normal…It’s going to be hard but, Iron Sharpens Iron.  What’s your new normal? Warm-A-Rama SSH, Phelps, Good Mornings, Little Baby Arm Circles, Merkins Blackjack (21s) – do 1, then run 25 yrds, do 2, run back, do 3…up to 21 Odd numbers do Step-ups or Box Jumps, Even numbers do Hand Release Merkins […]