Field Trip at The Crossings!

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Since YHC was in town this weekend, he decided a field trip might be in order.  He’d heard good things about the virility of the men that call Palatka home.  That said, he figured he’d venture down for what he was sure to be an epic Beatdown delivered by one of the Palatka Proud… little […]

The Grinch

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THE GRINCH 21 Brave men ventured to Anthill for a FREE Mens workout! The conditions were ideal. Low humidity.. around 50 degrees. Fearing the Pax would have questions, a pre-blast was released the day before. For those Pax that don’t check Slack or that couldn’t be bothered with reading the blast a tour of the […]

7 of Diamonds

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CONDITIONS The conditions are ideal for a FREE MENS work out. The forecast called for 60% chance of rain however God blessed us with good clear weather. The ground however was nice and squishy from all the rain from the night before! DOLLY Charmin, Zamboni & YHC embarked on a run while Heisenberg & Bowzer […]

The New Normal

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The New Normal…It’s going to be hard but, Iron Sharpens Iron.  What’s your new normal? Warm-A-Rama SSH, Phelps, Good Mornings, Little Baby Arm Circles, Merkins Blackjack (21s) – do 1, then run 25 yrds, do 2, run back, do 3…up to 21 Odd numbers do Step-ups or Box Jumps, Even numbers do Hand Release Merkins […]

Good Friday Ruck

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Scholars believe that the Jesus carried only the cross beam on his way to Golgotha. The entire weight of the Roman cross was about 300 pounds, with the cross bream being about 100 pounds. It is also believed that he carried the cross beam a distance probably less than ½ mile. Tradition has it that […]