Semper Fi (Always Faithful)

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13 Pax members woke before the rising sun and stepped out into the chilly 36 degree air of Ponte Vedra (The Bandlands). We started the COT a little differently and listened to “The Duke “ recite The Pledge of Allegiance.  Followed by a an Inspirational note from General George Patton. ”Now if you’re going to […]

Take it Easy

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3 hard charging Pax posted for a post Gate River Run beat down Kessel Run style. YHC had promised to take it easy on our legs that had been ravaged by the Green Monster. I could see the trepidation in Bower’s eyes as I exited my vehicle and prepared myself for our run, but he […]

Where The Streets Have No Name

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In the Badlands chilly gloom, YHC greeted the six grumble-stretching Pax with some ‘fascinating’ (at least he thought so) musical trivia. Today (3/13/18) is Adam Clayton’s 57th birthday. Any self-respecting musicophile recognizes him as the U2 bass guitarist. In 1987, they released Where The Streets Have No Name (…playing softly in the background…) on the […]

Gate River Run 2018.03.10

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Gate River Run 2018.03.10 PAX: SeatDown, BigBird, BadaBing, Drone, Heisenberg, Bing, PUD, Jumanji, Twister, SOC, Papa Smurf, Pusher, ThroatSwab, Pyro, Bowzer, Doggie Houser, Knockout, I-Lean, Outhouse, Worthington Bonus PAX : Snuffy and Synapse 20 (+2) PAX joined the festivities and took on Jacksonville’s most popular CSAUP, the Gate River Run. This was a strong showing […]