I Hate Groundhogs

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  • When: 03/08/18
  • QIC: Cornhold

Is this March or January? Well that little groundhog was right  6 more weeks of winter, it was a chilly 46 degrees as I waited for the PAX to show, had some tunes going to take the mind of off my hands being frozen. PAX strolled in and 1 straggler at the bell so why not, 10 burpees OYO.  PAX total this balmy am 13 including yours truly.  Enough small talk, let’s get on with it shall we. Too the good stuff. Groundhogs

Warm O Rama

15 side straddle hops

15 hillbillies

15 Peter Parkers

15 tempo merkins

The Thang (groundhogs)

Mosey over to the baseball field (hop a fence along the way). Split into 4 groups, 1 group at each base. Perform the following exercises at each when done bear crawl to next base, rinse and repeat. 2 sets of 25 reps

1. Iron Mikes 2×25

2. Smurf jacks 2×25

3. Squats 2×25

4. Air Jordan’s 2×25

Mosey over to bleachers between football and baseball fields  perform the following exceraises 2 sets of 25

1 Merkins 2×25

2 Dips 2×25

3 Derkins 2×25

4 sit-ups (using the bleacher) 2×25

5 incline merkins 2×25

mosey, stopped at side walk to parking lot  partnered up and wheelbarrow to light pole, switch

once at parking lot, Route 66 doing burpees stopping at the light poles as we headed back to the flag

Total of 36 burpees made it to 8 sets

Mosey back to flag, we still had 5 min so why notwrkin position in cadence on my Merkins

set 1- 15

Set 2 – 10

set 3 – 5

Count O Rama

13 total

Name O Rama


noteable moleskin

prayer request for injured and rest of PAX

next F2 3/16 Zoeys in Ponte Vedra

F3 Jax  F3Nation Jacksonville Ponte Vedra Nocatee Jax Beach FreeMens Workout Fitness Fellowship Faith

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