Kessel “Tempo Work”

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  • When: 04/16/2018
  • QIC: Throat_Swab
  • The PAX: Snuffy, PUD, Seatdown, Dr Okie, Flounder

Kessel Run

Six PAX awoke after a cold front moved in for a chilly Monday morning mosey. As my VQ I wanted to log some miles for Kessel and what better way than to get better fighting a 15mph wind and elevation!

The Klydes (Snuffy, Dr Okie, Flounder) pushed through the wind for tour of San Marco around the puddles and mud to produce a GPS track that strangely resembled a…. Flounder KLYDE KESSEL Map

Kessel (PUD, Seatdown, Throat_Swab) Goal for the morning was to keep my heart rate average around 150 and get some sprints in training for the NEVER QUIT 10K this weekend at Jacksonville Beach.

The Thang

  • Circle up – the Klydes left promptly while we awaited the fashionably punctual arrival of Seatdown
  • Warm up was a slow jog around Prudential (Fountain-Prudential-Main) and then a leisurely run up and over the Acosta bridge for our first hill climb of the morning.
  • Regroup and start at the bottom of Curly Sue under the Acosta for a Triple Triple Nickle – Sprint AYG up the Northbank walkway and at the top 15 Monkey Crunches; Sprint back down for an additional 15 Monkey Crunches and a final Sprint back up for the final 15 Monkey Crunches.
  • 10k Pace down the river to the YMCA and back to the base of the Northbank pedestrian bridge over the tracks. Let the suicides begin…
  • At the base of the pedestrian bridge: 10 [burpees,  squats,  oblique crunches] then Sprint up the hill to the 100 foot mark (to the first flat) and complete 9 more of each then sprinting back down for 8 more
  • Back up we go for appx 300ft for the next 7 of each, back down for 6 where I improvise and notice time is slipping away..
  • Sprinting up AYG for the final 5 at the top of the pedestrian bridge
  • Mosey back down Curly Sue and back over the Main Street Bridge to the fountain.

We accomplished my goal – increased tempo at times, average heart rate in goal and clocked over 4 miles with a group of my Brothers.


  • Peace for the Green family
  • Briefly discussed F2 – Sharks Game, Jumbo Shrimp game etc… more to come

“If you are going to be the kind of man that you are suppose to be, you have to be connected with other men who can speak into your life, who can call out the best in you, who can cheer for your success, admire your efforts, and be your friend.” Robert Lewis

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