Damn Dozens

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  • When: 10/20/20
  • QIC: Scholls
  • The PAX: Aquaman, Tazz, Bag Boi, Patch, Cheese, Culpepper (2R), Butcher, Amphibian (R), Doink, McFly, Fixit, Green Eggs, Mr. Woodchuck, Macho Libre, Fifty Cent, Updraft (R), Twister

18 Strong gathered in the Gloom on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 to eat Cinderblocks for Breakfast.

After a Welcome and Disclaimer, we commenced with the Warm-O-Rama

12 each of SSH, Reacher, Michael Phelps, and Squats.  We picked up our blocks and headed to the Turf Field for

The Thang – Damn Dozens

This was a little bit harder version of a beatdown I led on 5/12, called Five Dozen.  Same concept, just added a 6th Dozen and an extra 400 m. run for kicks. It was a burner, but the HIMs took it on bravely and crushed the Damn Dozens.  I did hear the word ‘Damn’ a lot during the workout, as well as a few other whirls of pissdom.

400 meter run

5 sets of 12 Block-Facing Burpees (Do a burpee facing your block, jump over your block, repeat) & 12 Squat Thrusts. Between each set, carry your coupon 50 yards

400 meter run

5 sets of 12 Block Lunges (Count 1 leg, holding block over head) and 12 Curl & Press. Between each set carry your coupon 50 yards.

400 meter run

5 sets of 12 Alternating Staggered Merkins (Right hand on block, left hand on ground – 1 Merkin; Move left hand to block, right hand to ground, 2nd Merkin…) and 12 Big Boi Block Sit Ups. You guessed it: Between each set, carry your coupon 50 yards.

400 meter run.

Pax were treated to a Playlist of Lynard Skynard (plane crashed on October 20, 1977), Tom Petty (b. October 20, 1950), and the Police (American Debut at C.G.B.G. on October 20, 1978).

We made it well into the 3rd set of the Damn Dozens before having to call it quits due to time.  This was an IPC inspired beatdown and it delivered.


I told the Pax I have been reading Meditations by the Stoic Philosopher King, Marcus Aurelius. This is not religious for me – I am a Christian, saved by grace through Jesus Christ. But stoicism has some real insight to offer in terms of achieving the self-control we long for, and, frankly, to which the Bible exhorts us.  One of the things I have been learning from Emperor Marcus is that we shouldn’t waste emotional energy on things we can’t control.  So much of our anger and worry comes from things that we have no control over.  Worrying, fretting, and fuming over things that we can’t change is counter-productive. Instead, we can use that energy to exert influence if we desire to see change for the future.  We can also use that energy to focus on things we can control, according to our values, morals, and responsiblities

I’m writing this Backblast a day late, on October 21, and a situation came up today in which I applied Aurelius’ wisdom.  A publication that we worked very hard at work on ended up with a glaring and careless typo.  It’s already been printed and mailed – there’s no amount of fretting or fuming that will change it or fix the typo.   I can edit the digital copy for future use.  I can be more careful next time. Or I can just move on to other duties. But neither being angry, nor talking bad about the person who made the mistake, nor calling them and venting my anger will in any way fix the problem.  I was able to move on – it was very freeing!

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