Always Grateful

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  • When: 11/27/2023
  • QIC: Dinky
  • The PAX: Solar, Nametag, Raw Dog, Mr. Smooth, OOPS, Betty, SpaghettiOs, Tuck, Bada Boom, Bada Bing, Drainage, Valdez, Olive Oil

Welcome and Disclaimer

Countarama – 14

MESSAGE: Always Grateful

We don’t need a holiday each year reminding us to be thankful, be grateful for something everyday.

WARM UP –  Various stretches, The Reacher, SSH, Michael Phelps,  Hill Billy, Tie Fighter


Curb to Flag

Alternate Merkins to BBSU, Plank Walk back – 3X

Alternate VUPs to Diamond Merkins, Frogger back – 3X

Stair Loop

20 Merkins > Stair Loop

20 BBSU  > Stair Loop

20 Diamond Merkins > Stair Loop

20 VUPS > Stair Loop

10 Burpees > Stair Loop

50 Flutters, 50 LBCs

Various Stretches


Countarama – 14



Dinky F3 11/27/23 Playlist

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