A F3 Christmas Story

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  • When: 12/20/2023
  • QIC: Delete Delete
  • The PAX: Fifty Cent, Pinto, Lax, Tazz, Tadpole, Hemi

I have been inspired over the past couple of weeks by the various Christmas themed beatdowns.  We have conquered Nakatomi Plaza, endured the 12 pains of Christmas, and been surprised by cousin Eddie pulling up in his RV.  I took that inspiration and decided I would honor my favorite Christmas movie with a beatdown this morning at Gauntlet.

We did a quick warm up by the flag and then headed over to the soccer field for five circuits of fun.

Circuit 1 – You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out

Inspired by the warning Ralphie heard throughout the movie this circuit focused on BB’s. 10 broad jump burpees, 25 BBSU’s, 35 Bonnie Blairs, and then the bucket brigade all the way down the field and back (we formed a line a passed a Cindy down the line, the first person in line then ran to replace himself – think fire fighters passing a water bucket)

Circuit 2 – The Triple Dog Dare

It took a triple dog dare to get Flick to stick his tongue to the flagpole.  This circuit we did the Triple Nickel – 5 merkin jacks on one sideline, run across the filed and 5 merkin jacks on the other sideline, run back = 1 round.  Rinse and repeat for 5 rounds. 5 reps + 5 reps for 5 rounds = triple nickel.

Circuit 3 – It’s a Major Award

This circuit was all about the legs.  100 Rocky Balboas (toe taps), 50 ankle touch squats, 25 Apollo Ohnos, 12 Lt. Dans (squat, lunge, lunge), 6 monkey jumpers and finished with 3 motivators (in cadence).

Circuit 4 – The Pink Nightmare

In honor of the famous pink bunny footed sleeper half the pax performed murder bunnies from sideline to sideline, the other half bunny hopped across.  Switch and return.

Circuit 5 – Sons of B****es!  Bumpeses!

We closed out the beatdown with a hillbilly Indian run in honor of the hillbilly neighbors the Bumpeses.   Just like a normal Indian run but the person in the back of the line performs 10 hillbillies while they are trying to catch the front of the line.


Back at the flag we talked about the importance of family this time of year.  That may mean your traditional nuclear family but it could also mean your F3 family etc.  Reach out and talk to family you haven’t talked to in a while, it will brighten their day and yours.

Announcements included discussion around the Tour de Boondocks CSAUP and the launch of a new AO The Pound.  Good work gentlemen, thanks as always for the opportunity to lead.

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