Kramer’s VQ, Mer’carena, and Snow Angels…

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  • When: 03/29/18
  • The PAX: McDreamy, Osteen, Zamboni, Bada Bing, Drone, Dollar Bill, Pom Pom, Gizzard, Outhouse, FNG (Blowout), Harvey, Inside Out, Seinfeld, Check Please, Full Monty, Airbags, Squeeg, Wahoo, Yard Sale, Stitch, Kramer.


– Side Straddle Hop – 15 RECOVER
– Forward arm circles – 15 DO NOT RECOVER
– Backward arm circles – 15 DO NOT RECOVER
– Michael Phelps – 15 RECOVER

The Thang 

Count off in 4’s.


Merkin Encouragement Indian Run!
An Indian run, but everyone is in plank position. Person in back does 4 burpees as everyone planked. When finished with the burpee’s, he runs down the line giving everyone fives. Repeat going opposite way.
– Mountain Climbers & Sprint
– Angle Grinder (merkin / knee touch) Side run
– Bobby Hurley (slap ground/ jump) Back run
– Sumo Squat (Squat / touch ground) Karaoke
– B&B (Bear crawl & Burpees)
– Snow Angel & Mosey

Mosey back to circle

One word…Mer’carena
In plank position, along with the music of course, tap shoulders, hips, back of head, and finish with a pickle pounder.

Quote for the day
–Dripping water cuts through a stone not through force, but through persistence.

Talked about the choices we make and how it affects us and people around us.


1. Count O Rama
2. Name O Rama
3. Annoucements
4. Prayer

F3 Jax  F3Nation Jacksonville Ponte Vedra Nocatee Jax Beach Free Mens Workout Fitness Fellowship Faith Mer’carena

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