Better Bring A Hard Hat

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  • When: 04/16/2018
  • The PAX: Snaggle, Pom Pom, Dollar Bill, Gambler, Tinkle, Inside Out, Cornhole, Check Please , Airbags(respect), Pixar, Kramer, Bullwinkle, Bada Bing, Sand Crab(respect), Mr. Clean(respect), McDreamy9respect)

After a quickly moving storm blew through yesterday the morning air was crisp with a slightly noticeable breeze.  Your Q in charge got to the AO early to determine if our construction site would be suitable for the planned beatdown. Yes, indeed it would be a beautiful morning for what Osteen would refer to as “International Chest DAY!”  Though let the record stand that Osteen elected to FARTSACK today! Guess he didn’t have time to clean his kitty cat tank.  I digress. Hard Hat


Can the pax stay in cadence without counting and most importantly McDreamy not having a coronary????


  • SSH x 16
  • Michael Phelps x 16
  • Tempo Merkins x 16 DNR
  • Peter Parkers x 16
  • Monkey Humpers x 16


Pax mosey to the OUTHOUSE for 16 Pickle Pounders.  Mosey to Jessica Park any way but running forward.

Black Jack or the modified version – 16

“You have to be at your strongest when you are feeling at your weakest”

1 Merkin then run to cone and perform 15 LBCs, run back to cone and perform 2 Merkins, run back to cone and perform 14 LBCs and continue until you reach 15 Merkins and 1 LBC.  This definitely got the blood flowing and chest pumping.  Partner up and mosey to Construction Site where the Pax found the sweat mobile filled with cinder blocks and Alternative Rock!

Catch me if you can with a Cinder Block!  Parnter A would walk with cinder block while Parnter B performs 5 Burpees.  Partner B then runs to catch Partner A and switch without dropping Cinder Block.  Round 2 Partner A would carry Cinder Block overhead while Partner B performs 5 Pom Pom Lunges.  Round 3 Partner A does bicep curls while Partner B does 5 Bobby Hurleys.

Just enough time for some cinder block Mucho Chesto.  Partner A perfoms Derkins, Staggered, Irkins x 10 while Partner B Planks.

Double time it back to the flag.


McDreamy announced that he planned on bringing it like we have never seen tomorrow!?  Prayers for Donna, Bada Bing, Employment, Health and FARTSACKERS.

Yours Truly – OUTHOUSE


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