Do You Feel Lucky?

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  • When: 07/17/2018
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Pud, SOC, Heisenberg, Updraft (respect), Rock Drop (F3 Lexington, SC, respect), Big Bird, PYRO, Eileen (respect), LIFO, Barry Shinkoff, Dial-Up (FNG-Ron Elliott), Feud


12 PAX left the comfort of their fart sack and air-conditioned homes to post in the mid-summer’s gloom at Anchor. YHC was very fortunate to have made this morning’s beatdown. YHC was running just a tad bit late, but managed to make it with time to spare, which is quite an accomplishment when waking up at 4:54 AM in Fleming Island. The PAX were not as fortunate as YHC decided to dust off the cobwebs and bring back an oldie but a goodie for this beatdown, and one that brought immediate groans from the PAX: it’s the (Un-)Lucky Horseshoe. Saddle up because here we go.


• SSH x20 IC
• Hillbillies x12 IC
• Reach through x13 IC
• Don Quixote x12 IC
• Squats x13 IC
• Lunges x10 OYO (count each leg)
• Merkins x10 IC
• Big Boy Sit-Ups x10 OYO

The Thang

Mosey to the pavilion. Lucky Horseshoe: run lap, complete and exercise, run lap, add an exercise, continue until lap 5, then start subtracting and exercise. All exercises x20 reps each.

• Lap 1: Jumping Spider
• Lap 2: JS + Iron Mike’s (count 1 leg)
• Lap 3: JS/IM + V-ups
• Lap 4: JS/IM/VU + Groiners
• Lap 5: JS/IM/VU/G + Speed Skaters
• Lap 6: IM/VU/G/SS
• Lap 7: VU/G/SS
• Lap 8: G/SS
• Lap 9: SS
• Lap 10: Done or Wagon Wheel to the Six until all Pax done

We completed just in time to honor the train with 10 burpees before the COT.

Continuing our theme for the month, service, YHC reminded the PAX that, in order to serve, we all must be prepared. We exercise to be prepared to serve physically, but often forgotten is being mentally and spiritually prepared. One of the best ways to prepare ourselves spiritually is through prayer or reflection. Asking the Lord to send his Spirit to mentally and spiritually strengthen us, to give us courage to serve, the knowledge and wisdom to know whom and when to serve, as well as the perseverance to continue to serve our families and community.

Prayers/Announcements for:

• 3rd F- Trinity Rescue Mission Friday morning
• 2nd F- Lunch at Your Pie, Southside Blvd @ 1130 AM
• LIFO’s daughter traveling to Houston to visit grandfather
• Praise report from Big Bird for timely (and unplanned) car repairs to avert potential catastrophe
• Dial-Ups daughter (Jordan) for job search and continued staying on the right path
• Pud for safe travels to see nephew (Daniel) graduate from Parris Island

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