The “SIX” – Badlands 10OCT

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[see pic] What follows is the only remaining evidence that this morning ever happened…  #Weinke #DualPurpose #BackBlast

The theme for the morning was “The SIX.” This included numerous wagon wheel maneuvers as we mosey’d across Badlands AO. Never leave a PAX behind. We learned about the importance of the “Six” in a number of contexts (see bottom pic).

14 PAX posted in the early October gloom: YardSale, Kodak, Check Please, Dollar Bill, Shinola, Airbags, Skimp, Mr YUK, Outhouse, Gravy, Tin Cup, Nutshell, Full Monty, Twister.

Notables: WSW = Windshield Wipers (4ct); “Sixes” are executed like “Elevens”…we didn’t get to set #4 for time sake; Curb Exercises were “curbed” to a set of 30ct each exercise and a second set of 5ct each exercise for sake of time #0615ArrivesEarly; “Soccer Turf” was cut altogether (Q rule of thumb – better to plan it and not need it, than need it and not have planned it).

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