Badlands Olympics

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  • When: 05/20/209
  • QIC: Flo
  • The PAX: FreeFlo, PomPom, Outhouse, Snaggle, Slash, Blackout, Full Monty, Kilgore. Blowout, AquaMan, Show & Tell, Dollar Bill, Saigon Sam, Bloomer (FNG), Gump (FNG).

The first Olympic Games were held in 766 BC in the shadows of Mt. Olympus…….2,785 years later, In The Gloom, 16 PAX assembled for the first ever Badlands Olympics…



SSH x 10

Michael Phelps x 10

Reacher x 10

Mosey around the lot x 1



16 Pax in teams of 4

Each team accumulates as many points as possible in 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, team tallies their points while planking, and begins the second 15 minute half.

Each Team member earns (1) point by completing the exercise and number of reps below. Each member can earn up to 5 points per exercise (ie 10 burpees = 1 point, 50 burpees = 50 points). Teams plan strategically on how to accumulate maximum number of points.

Exercises (1 point each)

10 –  Burpees

30 – Merkins

25 – Plank Jax

1 – Lap Sprint

10 – Medicine Ball Slams (20lb)

10 – Kettle Bell Swings (25lb)

5 – Man Makers (15lb Dumbells)

25 – Seal Jax

25 – Squats

30 – Flutter Kicks (each leg)

25 – Hello Dollys

1 – Bear crawl (cones)

1- Crab Walk (cones)

1 – 1 minute Ballz 2 the Wall


Count O Rama

Name O Rama





You are not the fist person going through whichever struggle you are going through. Seek wise council from those who have been there before and are on the other side of it.


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