Another Manic Monday…

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  • When: 02/24/2020
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Duck(RR), Full Monty(R), Zamboni (R), May Day(R), Squeege(R), Blackout(R), Cold Feet, Terminator, Snaggle

10 Pax braved the Arctic chill that blew off the Atlantic Ocean and swept through Davis Park. It couldn’t have been warmer than 55 degrees and the Pax seemed less than thrilled to embrace the cold.

Embrace the cold they did however, with a spirited Howl from Squeege, they were off to the races.


SSH/20 Hillibilies/10, AST/10 Tempo Merkin/10 MP/10, The Reacher/10 Spider-Man stretch.


Mosey to Permanent Outhouse  10 chicken peckers  …mosey to ball Park Aiken Legs.

make a U Turn and head back to the circle(only the Q knew he had made a wrong turn)…

Route 66 to the back turf field…1 Merkin at each stop light to field…once on the field, width of field dashes   With merkins and flutter kicks at each sideline.

partner up…vacuum cleaners…then partner 1 runs and does merkins while partner 2 planks.  Then, big boy sit ups and flutter kicks.

Route 66 to the first parking lot with ascending burpees.1-6.  Partner 1 runs the parking lot while partner 2 planks s…mosey to bear crawl hall…backward and forward lunge to concession stand. 10 burpees for tardiness.

mosey back to the circle.
COT, BOM. prayers for those sick, traveling, and the good things that God gives us. A gift to lead today! Thanks men


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