Pick any post-it

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  • When: 07/27/2020
  • QIC: Charmin
  • The PAX: Heisenburg, FarahandFarah, Mcfly, Toxic

Today’s workout the Thought of the Day was forgotten by the Q, but at what level of impact to the concentrica does one impose to chase D2x???

Warm-up: SSHs, Tempo Squats, Michael Phelps and a quick Mosey

The Thang: 5 rounds w/ Atlas stone or Cindy for the main effort – Each round was an upper or lower body effort (Bulgarian split squats or Front squats or Sac squats or Merkins or Derkins or Table Jumps) coupled with 3 Pull-ups and a short mosey. Each round was 4 main exercises.

Each round was written on a Post-it and picked at random.

1 Round was special due to it consisting of Man-Makers and Thrusters. Q was gracious and at no point was Mosey substituted for bear-crawl…

Sadly the Lindsay Lohan Post-it was never found…

Finished with 3 mins of popcorn abs.

Name & Count-orama, then the Prayer and Pledge: Prayer requests – SOC is enjoying vacation in Montana!!! and the Q has upcoming job opportunities defining themselves a little.


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