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  • When: August 29, 2020
  • QIC: Aquaman
  • The PAX: Amphibian, Heisenberg, Fixit, Macho Libre, Tazz, Patch, Bag Boi, Extinguisher, Butcher, Green Eggs, Mr. Woodchuck, Culpepper, Twister, Scholls, Coobreeze, Aquaman FNGs Cobra Kai and Wrap-check

Have you ever seen the guy who gets pushed into the swimming pool by his “buddies?”   This is how YHC felt mid-week when Twister “pushed” me into the Q for today.  It had been a while since my last Q, for my weakness (lazy butt) doesn’t like to sit a computer and write BB. Besides, my last Q, was a month of the board of pain in which week one started with 6 PAX and by the end of the month 3 showed.  I began to think Aquaman had lost his touch…….

As I gazed at my small pink weinkie last night I thought of a workout that would be fitting for the Boondock Brotherhood.  I initiated a text to the PAX, “the coupon of choice is will be a cinder-block”-  then I began to write out my beatdown.

18 men showed today as the sun peaked through the trees and my insides began to knot up for they didn’t know what was in store for them but Twister’s tunes quickly settled me and everyone else:



The first exercise is……mosey to the school parking lot (it is imperative to get the muscles moving before the COP)

SSH- I planned on doing 10, but Macho Libre decided he needed to answer a page from the hospital first so we SSH’d til his butt got to the circle.  I think we ended up doing 50

10 punish burpees- thanks Macho F3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 High knees

20 Staggered Merkins


10 Don Quixote (properly)

15 Mountain Climbers

10 Micheal Phelps

Mosey back to the circle to pick up coupons

The Thang:

Start on the goal line with block over head:  rule:  you could not let the block touch the ground the entire time and the block had to be placed overhead until the 6 was in signifying it was time to move to the next 10 yard line

walk as a group:

10 yard line: 10 block swings

20 yard line: 20 curls

30 yard line: 30 overhead presses

40 yard line: 40 squats

50 yard line: 50 LBCs

RECOVER:  place block at feet and do 20 Rocky Balboas

Pick up blocks:

50 LBC, 40 yard line 40 squats descending like before to the other end of the field.

YHC considered rinsing and repeating, but the PAX needed something different.


Pair up, 2 blocks per pair

200 Push-ups, by lowering the chest between the two blocks.  Partner 1 runs to the 20 and back partner 2 does the push ups

200 dips

200 chess presses (laying on back, not overhead)

The music from Twister’s house speaker began to fill the air so the PAX pressed on!

YCH commanded the PAX to circle up for a round of JACK WEBS

1:4 ratio of pushups to overhead claps (stay on your knees for overhead claps but drop to a merkin).  We completed 40 reps.

Moved to our 6 for a few crunches then I heard Heisenberg say, “Aquaman it’s 7:53”

This brought me back to reality and with this we grabbed out blocks and moseyed back to COT!


I reminded the men about the 3 F’s and how we need to show up for all three in our lives.  Don’t let our minds take over and allow us to become complacent.  Showing up is half the battle- be HIM today!

Prayers: country, service men and women, schools opening……


It felt good to Q……thanks for the Push Twister!



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