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  • When: 11/25/2020
  • QIC: Scholls
  • The PAX: Updraft - R, Digger, Twister, Doink, Aquaman, Cheeeese, Fixit, Amphibian - R, McFly, Kenny G (FNG), Swiper, BoBerry (FNG), Ollie, Slosh, Crash, 50Cent, Tazz

18 Pax gathered in the late morning (7am) gloom at the Durbin Crossing Park, aka The Gauntlet.  It was a perfect morning for this record-setting crowd at this beautiful and relatively new AO: 64 degrees and sunny, just like YHC’s disposition while reviewing the weinke. I was also delighted by the fact that my 2.0 was out for his second post, and we were to be joined by my two nephews from Raleigh, in town for Thanksgiving. Their dad preferred the fartsack…

After a quick and insufficient disclaimer, we warmed up with:

SSH, Negative Squats, and Imperial Walkers.

YHC was too excited to do any more, so a mosey to the pedestrian bridge was declared and off we went (despite protestations from Doink).

The Thang

The Bridge of Burpees.  There is an amazing pedestrian bridge over St. John’s Parkway, right where 9B deadends into it.  I am sure there’s a lot of traffic there, but YHC has always marveled that the powers that be felt that at least $2M of taxpayer money should appropriated to the construction of this pedestrian bridge.  Perhaps there was a prophetic pax working on the inside, because this is a beatdown element that will be the stuff of lore and legend among the F3JaxPax before too long.

1 Burpee, run up the ramp

2 Burpees, Bearcrawl or lunge-walk across the bridge

3 Burpees, run down the ramp on the far side

4 Burpees, back up the ramp

5 Burpees, Bearcrawl or lunge-walk across the bridge…

By the time we got to 12 Burpees (86 total) a few of the pax were beginning to get a little fatigued, so we took a 10 count and moseyed back to the soccer field.  We circled up in the middle for 6 Minutes of Mary, which included rounds of LBCs, Freddy Mercurys, Hip Raises R & L, V-ups, 4 Count Flutter Kicks, Hello Dollys, Pretzel Crunches R & L, and perhaps another exercise or two.

Finally we lined up on the sideline for a nice little Descending Ladder of Bonnie Blairs and Merkins.  YHC being merciful, we started at 20, but counted down by 2’s, so it was 20 of each, but then only 18, 16, 14, and 12.  At this point my nephews were about to vomit, and it was time to head back to the flag anyway.


In my denomination, we call the Lord’s Supper the ‘Eucharist’.  Eucharist is a Greek word meaning ‘thanksgiving’. I wanted to make the point that when we are giving thanks for all the good things in our lives, especially around grand buffets tomorrow, that our gratitude is directed at someone.  We are not just nebulously grateful or luckily fortunate, but we are actually thankful towards someone that has given us all we have.  I believe that God is the giver of all good things, and tomorrow as I declare that I am thankful for all the family, friends, F3, food, and other blessings of my life, I will be directly thankful to Him. Even if we aren’t religious, it is important to honor and thank – with purpose and intention – those who have given us the goodness in our lives.

Among many other things, I thank God for F3 and for all He has given me through each of you.

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