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In the gloom @ Pool Party we had a couple from the Hard nocs Pax Badda Bing and Saigon Sam. Thank you for making the trip men. We also had Ram Rod from Chattanooga as well as Pappa Smurf, Skid Mark, Gas Mask ,

Warm a Rama- SSH, LBACF, Moroccan Night club, Michael Phelps, Peter Parker, Cobra. The Pax cadence was well timed and loud. Thank you

In and out of the pool with 50 Burpees, 50 Jailhouse, 50 Wide Merkins, 50 Big Boys

Onto the skate park ..50 super mans, 50 dips , 50 Diamond Merkins , 50 American Hammers

Playground ….3 sets of 10 pull ups , 20 Carolina dry docks , 30 LBC’s

Toy soldier with Wide Merkins and skip jacks in cadence .

Prayers for Gas Masks grandfather and D Days father. Prayers for all.

Happy Thanksgiving …Enjoy your families

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