“The Bayonet” Beatdown+New Site Q at Boondocks

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17 PAX posted for Boondocks 2021 opening beatdown and Site Q transfer. Scholls took reigns as the new Site Q, receiving a Boondocks Bayonet (signed by the BD PAX, pictured) symbolic of his leadership to this point and beyond. PAX on site: Aquaman, Butcher, Culpepper, Doink, Extinguisher, Farah&Farah, FiftyCent, Hammer, Loudmouth, McFly, Rainman, Scholls, Tazz, Twister, Updraft, and FNGs Floater and RoadRunner.

“The Bayonet” beatdown is designed for the transition of Site Q responsibilities from one HIM to another. It involves a variety of exercises from the lexicon in order to display options for future Qs. Each PAX was invited to provide and lead an exercise during the Pearls-on-a-String phase of beatdown. The intent is to fully equip HIMs to lead as Qs (and Site Qs) in future beatdowns.

The Boondocks AO was planted 0n Saturday, June 2, 2018 by Feud and Twister which offered a SouthJAX AO for the growing F3JAX footprint. BD soon expanded to a Tuesday beatdown “ThunderDome” courtesy of 2018’s IPC. During COVID, Boondocks spawned “Hurt Locker” as an informal Ruck-Day on Fridays. In 2020, Boondocks prompted the launch of two additional AOs: Gauntlet and The VET in the north St Johns area.

Feud relayed full Site Q role to Twister in summer 2020 as Feud and Bigbird launched the Asgard AO in SWJAX-Clay Cty. What future JAX AO is awaiting the next Site Q to launch it in 2021?

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