8 Pax that did not need ointment

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  • When: 2/2/2021
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: Toxic-DR, Zamboni-R, Bernie-R, Pud, Screwdriver, Gekko-R, Boucher-R, Bowzer

Well once again, YHC sat on the couch last night and wondered who had Q for Anthill. A quick search revealed…”ITS YOU!!!”

Not wanting to exert a lot of gray matter and really wanting to avoid a “made up beatdown” YHC went thru the Backblasts of Yore and came up with one. Done.

It was empty in the parking lot when I arrived…Pud was running around trying to stay warm and then others showed up…..Not very many others. Perhaps the chilly air made some regular PAX apply ointment and go back to sleep?

Warm up





Lap around the parking lot..Oh look who was late….Boucher!!

On to the gazebo for the Thang.

Knocked out 10 burps for BB and then introduced a beatdown from December 2016- 1500. A Dora type exercise.

500 SSH

400 Squats

300 BBSU

200 Merkins

100 Burpees

I was hoping we wouldn’t have any time left but we did, so two sprints across the field with burpees.


Toxic did mention that this was the first time in a long time that he felt like Spilling Merlot at a beatdown. My heart swelled with pride.

Prayer Requests/Pledge/Out

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