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  • When: 04/17/2021
  • QIC: FLO
  • The PAX: Mulligan, Re-Stitch, GNC, Full Monty, Focker, Sofa, PruneTang, D-Day, Saigon Sam, Left Turn

Message of the day compelled robust mumble chatter throughout the beatdown… The Ghetto Boys “Damn it Feels Good to Be a Gangsta” edcuated all PAX on the dichotomy of the human condition..

Death is not to be feared,embrace mortality as inevtiable, use it as a reminder to focus our energy on the things that are most immportant at any given time…

What if today…..
-Was the last time you tucked your kkids in at night..
-Was the last time you lead your team at work?
-Was the last time you played golf?
-Your last F3 workout?
-You last date with your wife?

Hoow differently would your approach be?


MOSEY TO GREEN (The green was confIgured for a wedding)
– Seprentine Follow The leader weving through wedding chairs
– Bear Crawl
-Crawl Bear
-Duck Walks
-Broad Jumps

7 minute Abs (beacuse you cant do Abs on 6 minutes) change ab excercise every 30 seconds

Team Drills with 40-60lb Fitness Sandbags

– Team Run with Sandbag
-Indian Drill with Sandbag
-Team Run with Sandbag

15 Minute AMRAP
– 10 Merkins
-5 Pull-Ups
-1 Squat 2 Clean 2 press (using sandbag)
-800 nmeter run

Sandbag Run

Clandestine operation to cristen the wedding grounds (each pax completes 10 monkey humpers and 10 pickle pounders at the wedding setup) beacuse lets face it, if it was ourr last F3 workoout that pretty damn funny…..

Cool Down / Stretches

Started annocunements during cool down to give NanTan ample time to see all the things…..he still had more to say….

Coffeterai at Kookaburra which is always enlightening……

Stay Classy


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