DA Rottweiler

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  • When: 04/24/2021
  • QIC: Extinguisher
  • The PAX: Extinguisher, Updraft, Scholls, Loudmouth, Twister, Cupid, Fix-it, Tazz, Onesie,Heist, Macho Libre,Pink Panther (FNG)

12 Pax posted to the Boondocks to experience DA Rottweiler beatdown. This was this YHC’s ending of a birthday week’s worth of beatdowns.  I know we have several animal themed beatdown such as infamous Manatee, Ostrich, and Billy Goat so I decided to throw mine in the ring.


Mosey thru AO to point out each station.

Pax was paired up. Each Pax must complete exercises donations were allowed between the pair.


The Work

Station 1 Pavilion (10 Pull-ups & 10 box jumps)

Cones postioned around big circle of park: Pax must mosey to each station

Station 2 Cone #1 (10 Burpees)

Station 3 (20 V-ups)

Station 3 (30 Circle Mtn climbers)

Station 4 ( 40 Merkins)

Mosey to turf field cone setup on back of end zone,50yd line and back of end zone

Cone 1 (21 squat touches aka MC Hammers)

Mosey 50 ydline

Cone 2(21 Plank Jacks)

Mosey to other end zone

Cone 3 (21 Superman’s)

Mosey across end zone

Jump rope Station ( 2 heavy jump ropes and 2 regular jump ropes) 21 jumps

Mosey to wall

Wall Sit holding 2 bricks with 3 count kick-step and overhead clap x 10 reps

Mosey to Berm

Sandbag carry up and over Berm

Run to Pavilion Rinse and Repeat until time was called

3-4 Rounds were completed by Pax

Mosey to Flag




Prayed over all  Pax families

Name and welcomed FNG Pink  Panther

PS: During the beatdown I noticed it was great opportunity to learn more about your fellow Pax. Although going thru the course was tough there was good mumblechatter going on. I appreciate my partner Twister we learned more about each others family, kids etc..heard same comments from others. Thanks for opportunity to lead.








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