Forward Is Progress

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  • When: 08/09/22
  • QIC: Tron - (RR)
  • The PAX: LIFO, Extinguisher (R), Hot Lips, Eileen (R)

So, YHC was a bit frantic and running late, arriving in the gloom about 2 minutes before our start at 5:30 am.  Fortunately, the PAX were waiting with baited breath and ready to go, with music already serenading the neighborhood!  With the usual suspects in place and no FNG’s, the disclaimer was made and warmup commenced.


*Don Quixote’s IC

*Reachers IC


*Michael Phelps IC

*Chinooks IC

*Lunge to Twist (5 reps each leg, OYO)

*Burpees (5 OYO)


So, the first 20 minutes consisted of a “prescribed” workout of weighted OH walking lunges, using 25/35/45 lb. weight plates, provided by the Q (Cindys were also sporadically used).  With the workout untested, the idea was to keep the weight overhead, and if it was lowered to the top of the Pax’s head, a “penalty” run of 200m or so was required.

As it turned out, the weighted lunges were clearly the real penalty and the run was a respite, but it still worked fine.  Choice of weight (lbs) was flexible for each round of walking lunge, which morphed into OH walking carries and other modifications.

The second half of the beatdown was 2 separate AMRAP cycles.  Squrls (squats w/ plate curls), Plate Swings, Step Ups, Flutter Kicks, High Plank Toe Touches, LBC’s, and Mountain Climbers as the exercises of choice in varying rep counts.  The finale was 30 merkins, since we didn’t have sufficient arm fatigue in the beginning!

The theme for today was “Forward Is Progress”.  Sometimes, we have to escape our indecision and/or fear and simply move forward off the starting line.  YHC has often found himself in “analysis paralysis”, as we often do.  After careful thought and reasoned analysis, moving forward is often the required next step.

A recent documentary on the life of Harry Chapin, the 60s-70s singer-songwriter and political activist, highlighted his passion for acting on his talents and desires.  Harry was a dynamo of activity, always moving forward and never slowing down.  As the documentary shared, Harry was as passionate about ending world hunger as he was about music and performing.  He left a wonderful legacy, doing great work and sharing his many gifts and talents.  Unfortunately, his life was ending short, in a fatal car accident at the age of 38.  Harry was all about giving and not about taking, and so he accomplished much more than those who live twice as long, as his lifelong motto was, “When In Doubt, Do Something!”

Finally, prayers for all of our F3 brothers, especially those experiencing trial, and for this weekend we specifically keep our BRR brothers in our thoughts and prayers.  F3 Jax represent @ Blue Ridge!

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