A Dicey Beatdown at Achor

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  • When: 10/1/2022
  • QIC: Groundspeed
  • The PAX: Synapse, Bowzer, Toxic, Lifo, Pud, Sweet Spot

Thankfully Hurriane Ian left us a park in good shape for Saturday morning’s beatdown. 7 pax gathered in the wet grass for an hour of fitness, fellowship, and faith.

After the warm-up we got rolling with three dice, one black, one grey, one green on the following menu:

Reps began at 15, a triple 6 meant 10 burpees and all reps go up by 5. Thankfully, we never rolled a triple 6. A triple 1 meant everyone takes a lap.

There was a halftime break to pickup debris dropped on the park by the hurricane, so we gave back a little in thanks for our park and giving F3 a quick chance to serve our community. We got back rolling and there was an impromptu lap called at the last minute for a hustle finale.

A word of wisdom: Give thanks for not being in the path of destruction and give back for those who were.

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