Launching “The Frontier” New AO at Crosswater Park

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  • When: 01/22/2023
  • QIC: Breeze
  • The PAX: Rawlings, Air Bags, Bada Bing, Hat Trick, Saigon Sam, Deuce, D-Day, Jobu

For the first time on a Sunday morning in the state of Florida men gathered together for a F3 workout. Today marked the continued expansion of F3Jax in Nocatee with a new AO located at Crosswater Park  called “The Frontier.” Many experts consider Alaska to be the last American frontier, but little did they know it was right here in Nocatee, the suburbia frontier.

In addition to being a wilderness, the dictionary also defines frontier as being “a new field for developmental activity”. I find this to be a fitting description of F3’s intent for what will occur in this empty parking lot where men will gather to partake in activity that develops their bodies, minds, and spirits.

My hope is that “The Frontier”  will be a magnet for all males with sad clown syndrome to find fitness, fellowship, and faith in order that they may become better men for the betterment of their families and communities.

Here’s what went down:

Welcome/Mission/5 Core Principles/Disclaimer/CPR and emergency phone designation

Workout: Runners ran approx 5 miles with a mid-way pain station stop. Ruckers rucked 3.3 miles.

Count O Rama: 9

Name O Rama: Rawlings, Air Bags, Bada Bing, Hat Trick, Saigon Sam, Deuce, D-Day, Jobu, Breeze

COT: Prayer Requests/Prayers/Pledge of Allegiance/Photo



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