HardNocs – Micklers Beach Beatdown – 5.13.23

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  • When: 05/13/2023
  • QIC: Rawlings
  • The PAX: D-Day, Full Monty, Spaghetti Os, Left Turn, Saigon Sam, Bada Bing, Mervin, Jobu, May Day, Tuck, Green Machine, Wasted, Valdez, Mr Yuck, Forty, Oops, Name Tag, Drainage, Gru

20 HIM and 3 2.0’s met at the beach for a Mother’s Day beat down. Firstly we met a little before to say a prayer for 3 PAX that are battling their 1/2 IM this morning. The message – many of our spouses are also mothers to our 2.0s. We all know that usually they are putting their needs well behind that of the children. I challenge you all to encourage them to work towards a goal for themselves. They deserve it and will be a much better version of themselves for everyone in their life.

warmup – LBACF, SSH, LBACB, Don Quixote, Plank Jack,

The Thang – Fur Ball down the beach, we circled up for a grueling round of Battle Merkins. In a circle pattern a PAX from each half of the circle would start ripping merkins. When his form fails or he stops he switches out with the next PAX in his line. Mosey back to the flags and partner up for a partner Dora. 2 sets of each exercise. Partner does Squats in the surf while other partner runs up the beach to the flag and does 10 burpees, next partner does merkins while partner runs to the flag line and does 15 Big Boy Sotups, Next Partner does Freddy Mercury in the surf (also known as the sand blast bidet) while partner runs to the flag line and does 20 shoulder taps, last partner does SSH in the surf while partner runs to the flag line and does 30 Flutter Kicks. We finished the workout with 13 minutes of Ultimate Football Followed by a round of stretches. We even got Valdez to count down the Valdez.

COR (23), NOR, Announcements, Prayer Requests, Pledge

Always an honor to lead. Enjoy the day



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