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  • When: 9/13/23
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: zamboni, Seatdown, Hey Boss, Lego, Toxic, Pyro, tweezers, hot pocket, Hey Big Papi, CO2, Bowzer, Groundspeed, miss Daisy, matlock, P&R, Pud

I made the decision to NOT administer the IPC challenge at BOHICA for one main reason. I didn’t want to.

So instead I searched and searched and found an appealing beatdown and modified it.

At the appointed time, I gave the disclaimer and we started the debacle. Had to admonish Zamboni that there was only 1 meeting going on….


Mobile Imperial Walkers IC X 10

Merkins X 5

Progressive Goof Balls x 10

Merkins x 5

The Thang 

In the parking lot of the tennis courts, Bear crawl two parking spaces and then do 2 merkins. Down and back.

EMOM Burpees- x 7 for 5 minutes.

Surprisingly, Zamboni started complaining about the lack of music.

Mosey to the Basketball court (We went behind the raquetball court thru Hobo Alley)

At the Basketball court:

1 merkin/1 reverse crunch- build up to 10

This is when I started playing the music. Again….Zamboni had nothing but complaints since he couldn’t hear it. So I moved right next to him.

Lunge Walk to the playground.

5 minute Burpee EMOM x 6

10 Squats/10 V-ups = down to 1 each

Believe it or not….Zamboni had nothing but complaints. He accused me of having a lack of leadership since a train went by and we didn’t IMMEDIATELY DROP AND COMPLETE TRAIN BURPEES.  Not everyone marches to your weird drumming my friend!!

Mosey to the pavilion

5 Minute Burpee EMOM x 5

Mosey to the flag…

30 Seconds of Plank

At this point we did in fact complete 10 train burpees Gekko style.

4 minutes of Mary.


Prayers for Zamboni’s MIL for surgery.

Prayers for Groundspeed’s friend with Cancer.

Other Prayers that I forgot but Jesus never will.



Pearl Jam

Thanks for letting me lead.


PS: Hot Pocket said he likes my beatdowns. SUCK IT Zamboni!



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