Gainesville Launch – Week 3

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  • When: 09/16/2023
  • QIC: Groundspeed
  • The PAX: Pele, Propane, Beaker, FNG (Ghost), Saul, Geo, Little Debbie, Abacus, FNG (Spook)

10 pax (2 FNGs) posted with Cindy for an IPC week zero themed DORA and a tour of the new AO location at Gainesville’s Westside Park (Dagobah) this morning at 7am. This is the third week of launching F3 in Gainesville, a long dream of F3:Jax. YHC is very encouraged by the energy and enthusiasm of the Gainesville group. They worked hard and more than half the group gathered for coffeeteria afterward.

The Warmup

SSH, 10 penalty burpees for a late arrival, Tempo ‘mericans, 10 penalty burpees for a late arrival, Don Quixote, Reacher, 10 penalty burpees for a late arrival. 30 burpies will really warm you up, Slaughter only makes you do 20, so we moved on.

The Thang
As the Q was explaining The Thang, another late arrival for 10 more penalty burpees (it’s a burpeeful mornin’!)
IPC Week Zero Style Dora (all exercises 85 reps), suicides on the BB court for travel
-HR ‘mericans
-Goblet Squats (travel changed to lunge walks)
-OH Press (travel changed to bear crawl to half court)

HALFTIME BREAK:Abacus took us on a running tour of the perimeter of the park, and we thought about features that could be used for future workouts. We stopped at the racquetball court for some wall sits, donkey kicks, and BttW.

-4 count Flutter Kicks (changed travel to mosey across the BB court and back)
-Kettle Bell Swings with Cindy

Parking Lot Intermission: Line jumps (which are side-hopping down the parking lot line, broad jumping to the next one, and side hopping down that one) until we encountered a car. Then calf raises and ‘merican-around-the-clock for the 6.

Back to the BB court for the Deck of Pain, drawing cards for exercises (sprints, squat thrusters, lunges, HR ‘mericans) until time.

The Thought
F3 is an organization about more than fitness. It starts with fitness and continues with fellowship and faith. Like a Dora, when you’re struggling there is a man behind you willing to help you do the hard work. Dredd talks about the Flux, the ups and downs of life. The flux is when life sucks, and if it doesn’t right now, it will. This is why we need each other. This is why we all need accountability and the man next to us willing to put in the hard work and demand we do the same.

We named two FNGs, Ghost and Spook. Seemed to be a Halloween theme. Prayer, pledge, then off to coffeeteria.

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