September 2.0 Day at Pearl Jam

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  • When: 09/30/2023
  • QIC: Groundspeed
  • The PAX: Kraft, Giddyup, Master Splinter, Seatup, Seatdown, FNG (Gallop), Master Hulk, Stunt, Jumanji, Glitter Pup, Sewer Pipe, FNG (Halfcourt), Clouseau, FNG, Pop a Lock, FNG, Hey Boss, Angel, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Snuffleupagus, D-5, DK, Rainbow Roll, Bowzer

26 pax gathered at Pearl Jam for our monthly 2.0 day on the last Saturday of the month. Lots of kids turned out for an exercise adventure to protect the kingdom from a band of rogue daddies.

The Warmup
Learning counting cadences with SSHs, Mountain Climbers, Don Quixote, Big Arm Circles forward/backward

The Thang
We started on the far boarders on the kingdom and had to travel to the battlegrounds. First we had to climb the mountain (mountain climbers x 20) and scale down the mountain (Carolina Dry Dock x 20). Climb another mountain (x20) and scale down the cliff (Goofballs x 20). Then we had to run around the shimmering lake (lap around the park) to the entrance of the cavern. The entrance was too small, so we had to bear crawl through the entrance and then side-stride along the edge of the cavern wall. Hearing something behind us, we had to flee the scary Snuffleupagus and side-hope faster to the edge of the cavern. We found ourselves at the edge of a chasm where we could only long jump from rock to rock and get across. Then, making sure we could keep our eyes on the monster, we ran backwards away from the cavern to get out.

After we emerged from the cavern and saw the battlefield ahead, we had to gather our resources and stack them. So dads stayed at the base and stacks the resources (cinderblocks) with dead lift x 20, right hand row x 20, left hand row x 20, curls x 20, overhead press x 20. The 2.0s gathered all the “resources” (litter) they could find to every edge of the battlefield, and collected it into the big blue barrel. Once our resources were gathered, the battle began!

The kids took up shelter in the playground “castle” while the dads gathered on the other side of the fence in the tennis court, and bombarded the castle with little plastic “bombs” (balls). Any time a dad got hit, 5 ‘mericans. Anytime a kids got hit, 5 SSHs. Dads started doing exercises to taunt the kids who couldn’t hit them. (Leg lifts, flutter kicks, LBCs). Dad’s pressed their attack and advanced to the playground where a game of dodgebombs results in a lot of ‘mericans and SSHs. After a hard-fought battle, the kids won!

Taken prisoner, dads had to lunge across the basketball court in prisoner position and then run suicides and karaoke suicides while the kids shot baskets. Anytime a kid sank a basket, dads had to do 5 SSHs while shouting “hooray!” Little did we know there was a monster among the 2.0s (later named Halfcourt) who started draining shots from half court. The first one cost 40 “hooray!”s until we realized this was a repeatable feat…much sweating and hopping ensued.

After having been cowed, dads decided to start working together with the kids and we split up into 4 stations for the cooperation finale: (dad exercise/kid exercise)
1)Pull-ups/kid lift (kids on the pullup bar being weight assisted by dad lifting them)
2)Jump rope/jump squats
4)Dads do one burpee for every kid who comes down the slide


We gathered for CoT and named 4 FNGs. Prayers and Pledge.

Thanks to the dads for being willing to come and play and work hard to spend quality time with 2.0s. I think we set a new Pearl Jam attendance record.

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