No 10 Counts…

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  • When: 10/3/2023
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Toxic, Hey Big Papi, Geeko, Shock Treatment, Rosin Bag, P & R, Precious, Snuffy, Jumanji, Zamboni, Groundspeed, Sewerpipe, Bernie 4 Points, C02, Bowzer, Air Drop

CONDITIONS: The weather was like Goldilocks soup this morning – just right!

With spirited enthusiasm, we sprinted to the open field, forming a tight-knit circle.
– Commenced with 10 sets of SSH, our bodies pulsating with energy.
– Next, we gracefully executed 10 LBAC Forward motions and then 10 in reverse, a ballet of strength and coordination.
– Finally, we channeled our inner Don Quixote, performing 10 of those, each rep bringing us closer to our collective mission.

Our collective spirit surged as we made our way to the library’s parking lot wall.
– Launching into 10 Mike Tysons Merkins, we embraced the challenge.
– Further ahead, at the loading dock, we summoned our fortitude for 20 Merkins, 20 Derkins, and 20 Erkins.
– Sprinting to the library’s front, we conquered 20 Monkey Humpers, 20 LBCs, and 20 World War I sit-ups.
– A lap around the library led us to the wheelchair access ramp, where we gracefully executed a duck walk, both up and down.
– Next, the gazebo beckoned us, where we knocked out 20 dips, 20 Merkins, 20 Erkins, and 20 derkins with unwavering determination.
– At the lamp post’s line, we sprinted to the sidewalk and back, repeating the set of exercises.
– Returning to the lamp post, we embarked on a bear crawl, an arduous journey across the field.
– Reaching the pull-up bars, we paired up, pushing through Burpees and pull-ups, a true test of teamwork. Three rounds of 10.
– With sweat glistening, we endured various ab exercises, catching our breath while strengthening our core.
– The pull-up bars called to us once more, demanding ten more pull-ups as a testament to our resilience.
– To the basketball court, we ran, conquering 20 more Merkins and 20 Derkins with a victorious spirit.
– For the suicides, we lined up, sprinting with relentless determination.
– In the center of the basketball court, we circled up, engaging in diverse ab exercises, bonding as a brotherhood.
– Another set of suicides awaited us on the line, and we ran with unwavering resolve.
– Our journey continued to the racquetball courts, where we confronted 10 more Mike Tyson Merkins, followed by a daring “Balls to the Wall” challenge, serenaded by Snuffy.
– Returning to the basketball court’s center, we dedicated five minutes to Mary, each member leading with their chosen ab exercises, uniting us through shared exertion.

Circle of Trust (COT):
– As we gathered in the COT, the message resonated deeply: life can be arduous, but with faith in God and the unwavering support of our brothers, we can overcome any hardship. Seventeen strong pax stood together, ensuring each man had sixteen friends to lean on in times of need.
– Prayers, both spoken and unspoken, ascended to the heavens, knowing that our collective strength would guide us.
– The anticipation of the Heisenberg Convergence next Saturday fueled our resolve, a reminder that we are a united force on this journey of fitness and camaraderie.

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