Happy Thanksgiving 2023 F3 from the Vet!

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Happy Thanksgiving! This time of the year is time for family – so a 2.0 friendly workout was due this morning.  While my body woke up at the normal prescribed time, I couldn’t stir the 2.0s to get out of the warm confines of their beds this chilly north Florida morning to start Thanksgiving morning!

Warmup;  Side-straddle hops,  Littly Baby Arm Circles, Chin-nooks, and Big Boy Situps

Mosey Lap Around the Pond to the Soccer field

The Thang

We started out with Dessert – P.I.E.

  • Plank-Jacks
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Elevens – Bear Crawl between the end line and 18.

The 2.0s were given the opportunity to run rather than bear crawl, however, they out crawl their top-heavy 1.0s.  It was a sight to see!

After dessert, we enjoyed some TURKEY.

  • Tie-Fighters
  • Up-Downs
  • Ranger Merkins
  • Kneeling Squats
  • Inch Worms
  • Yoga (downward dog)

Next – Count off by two for 20 minutes of ultimate frisbee!  If a 2.0 has the frisbee – 10 merkins was the defense.   Team Two won (we had most of the little 2.0s)!

Welcome 2.0 FNGS – Bobber, and Dinger; and two Adult FNGs – Hammer Time, and MapQuest!

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