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20 PAX came to BOHICA to get stronger.


  • Side Straddle Hops (x 10)
  • Imperial Walkers (x 15)
  • Merkins (with Whiff demonstrating perfect Army form) (x 11)

The workout commenced in earnest with Thang #1, which was a classic DORA across the width of the field. 

  • 100 merkins / murder-bunnies to the first cone.
  • 200 LBCs / bear crawl to the second cone.
  • 300 curls / run the entire field.

The fittest PAX generously provided donations until the 6 came in. 

Thang #2 was a quarter-pounder.  Lining up at the start line, the PAX sprinted to the first cone and performed 25 merkins. PAX then ran backward to the start line before sprinting to the second cone and completing 50 squats. PAX ran backward to the start line and sprinted to the third cone before doing 75 mountain climbers. PAX ran backward to the start line and then sprinted to the end of the field and did 100 side straddle hops before running backward to the start line. Rinse and repeat (x2).

Thang #3 was a circle of Mary with different types of merkins. PAX called out their preferred merkin style and enforced good form. Jumanji demonstrated perfect ranger merkins.

Announcements + Prayer + Pledge. Sign up for the Gate River Run. 

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