Are there Hills in Michigan?

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4 posted this morning for a soggy edition of Kessel Run. YHC was going over ideas for some speedwork on his drive to the AO this morning and I had the perfect idea as I drove over the Fuller Warren Bridge looking over at the North Bank Riverwalk. We were travelling to Michigan today.

Conditions: Hot w/ about 500% humidity.

We started the morning with a little over a mile run up and over the Acosta Bridge, past CSX to the riverwalk, up the spiral to nowhere, and down our favorite ramp (see picture above). About the time we hit the riverwalk Drone asked YHC if I had any special sauce planned or if we were just going for a long run, I just chuckled. For those who do not know what the Michigan is it traditionally consists of 10 – 100 meter sprints, 8 – 80 meter sprints, 6 – 60 meter sprints, 4 – 40 meter sprints, and 2 – 20 meter sprints. I adapted this to our ramp. Since there are five of the archways (including the very top) we did the following:

5 sprints to the top (up and down)

4 sprints to the fourth archway (down and up)

Walk to the bottom of the ramp so the majority of our sprints are uphill

3 sprints to the third archway (up and down)

2 sprints to the second archway (down and up)

Walk to the bottom so our last sprint is uphill

1 sprint to the first archway.

At this point all four of us were thoroughly smoked (and soaking). We walked from  the first archway back to the top of the ramp then ran back up the North Bank Riverwalk, up and over the Main Street Bridge, and back to Friendship Fountain. In total approximately 3.4 miles covered in total and 40 floors climbed.

Close with COT w/ the boys from Venice Beach. Prayers for:

-Seatdown working from home and babysitting the kids as his wife goes back to work.

-PUD as he finds a new assistant.


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