Thruster Buster

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  • When: 11/08/17
  • QIC: Gambler
  • The PAX: Outhouse, Jumanji, McDreamy (respect), Slash (respect), Pom Pom, Airbags (respect), Dollar Bill, Jayhawk, Gizzard, F&G (Virus), Squeege, Snookie, Harvey, Kramer, Zebra, Snaggle, MadHatter, Wahoo, Tinkle, Palen, BadaBing, Skim, Repo, Auto (respect)

25 strong showed up at the Badlands with grit in their teeth and fire in their eyes ready for anything thrown their way.  Each man present in the moment making the most of their morning sacrifice.


  • Michael Phelps iy x 12
  • Side Straddle Hops iy x 15
  • Peter Parker’s iy x 12
  • Merkin iy x 10
  • Burpees oyo x 10

Partnered in 2’s – Mosey to the south parking lot where cinder blocks were lined up. Partners of two per one block.


Partner A completes 10 thrusters w/ cinder block while Partner B completes 20 mountain climbers (switch) then both partners run 10 meters and complete 10 Partner Plank 5’s & 10 each squat jumps.  Both partners then head back to the start and repeat 10 thruster/20 mountain climbers (switch). Then run 20 yards and complete 20 Partner Plank 5’s & 20 each squat jumps then head back to the start and repeat 10 thruster/20 mountain climbers.  

This combination is repeated three more times – to the 30 yards/reps each then back, 40 yards/reps each then back & 50 yards/reps each followed by run back to finish to completion.

Took a brief interval to discuss getting better as men, fathers, friends & in our respected communities.

More Work:

A version of Catch Me If You Can

Partner A completes 5 Shoulder to Overhead using cinder block while Partner B backpedals away from Partner A. Once Partner A completes 5 reps he then sprints to catch backpedaling Partner B. Both partners return to start and switch positions.

Once both partners have gone each w/ the shoulder to overhead w/ cinder block, the movement changes to incline Merkins w/ cinder block/backpedaling… switching back and forth for 7 minutes of continuous work.

Mosey back to flag to complete 25 flutter kicks iy hold to Guantanamo Bay rotation.

Welcomed 1 FNG (Virus)… Prayed….25 Men got better today!


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