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  • When: 11/16/2017
  • QIC: Osteen
  • The PAX: Wahoo, Airbags, Bada Bing, Gambler, Mr. Hyde, Julip, Dolla Bill, McDreamy, Pom Pom, Squeege, FNG (Peg) Welcome, Zebra, Snooky, Mr. Clean, Stitch, Kramer, Pyro, Jayhawk, Outhouse, Full Monty, Skim, Osteen

Delay Mechanism:

Iron Mikes x 10

Squats x 10

Mountain Climbers x 10

Murkins x 10

Reachers x 15

Mosey to Church

The Thang:  Waterfall Circuit

  1. Run to parking column do 40 burpees; run to second parking lot column 30 burpees; run next column 20 burpees; run next column 10 burpees; windsprint length of church and back then to pull up bars (AMRAP) run to sandbags for raised sandbag flutter kicks until 6
  2. Bring sandbags and do 40/30/20/10 squats; windsprint with sandbags then drop; run to pullup bar (AMRAP), pick up sandbag and run to lot for sandbag flutter kicks until 6
  3. Parking lot suicides then Evac to AO.

Count O Rama

Name O Rama – WELCOME PEG!

YHC reminded that there are different forms of quitting and that today’s workout was only testing ourselves individually.  Cold air compressed bronchial tubes which exacerbated the predominantly cardio workout this a.m.  Don’t take reps off and don’t tool around on the internet at work.  Both are forms of quitting.

Remember the impacted families from tragedy or loss.  This is a very tough time for them.  Ignoring them is the same as cutting them down.




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