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  • When: 11/16/2017
  • QIC: Dr. Okie & Flounder (VQ)
  • The PAX: PUD, Twinsie, Thoat Swab, Feud, Synapse (respect), Toxic (double respect), Septum, Snuffy (respect), Bowzer (respect)

On a blustery Wednesday afternoon, Dr Okie and Flounder consumed much BBQ and soon after, felt guilty about the calories they had consumed. In an effort to mitigate the consumption, they dreamed up the first ever Flounder Pounder to be debuted at BOHICA the next day. The next morning, as PAX arrived onsite, there was a definitive chill and dampness combined with the morning gloom, which added to the uncertain anticipation looming in the pre-workout mumblechatter.


  • 25 SSH IC – Dr Okie decided that a 25 year-old Barbie is better than a 64 or 58 year-old one
  • 20 LBAC Forward IC
  • 20 LBAC Backward IC
  • 20 Alabama Ass Kickers Right Leg IC
  • 20 Alabama Ass Kickers Left Leg IC
  • 20 Snuffy Over the Skyway Bridge OYO Each Leg
  • 15 Imperial Walkers IC
  • 15 Hillbillies
  • 15 Prisoner Squats



The Flounder  Pounder Introduction (practice for the main event):

  • Dora the Gigger

o   PAX were instructed to pair up in groups of similar shape and ability

o   One person runs across the field, and runs backwards on the return

o   Other person works on 100 Hand Release Merkins, 200 LBC and 300 Prisoner Squats

  • The Twist

o   Teams that finish join the six, but do not contribute, until all teams are finished

o   At any time when either of the Q’s yell FLOUNDER POUNDER, everybody must stop where they area and do 10 Planked Pickle Pounders

  • Obligatory 10 Burpees for the excessively long train


The Main Event: The Flounder Pounder

  • In recognition of Flounder’s first GoRuck Light, two teams of four and a team of three competed in a three-person or two-person carry across the wet and slimy field. At each end, the team switches and carries a different team member until all four members were each carried once.
  • For this event, any person can yell FLOUNDER POUNDER and all participants were required to stop, mid-carry, and complete their required 10 Planked Pickle Pounders.
  • Teams were encouraged to use the FLOUNDER POUNDER call as a means of slowing down the faster teams
  • After several calls, most participants, including YHC, were quite tired of hearing FLOUNDER POUNDER and we were all thankful the “form nazi” was not present at this point


The Cool Down

  • Participants enjoyed some much needed rest while lying on the cool, wet ground for a game of Duck Duck Goose while holding six-inch killers


Extra Credit

  • Participants mosied across the field in various forms of running, bear crawling or any other type of movement while Flounder pretended to look for his phone
  • Jail-break back to the pavilion



Flounder spoke on the concept of making a conscious effort to increase your time between something that happens and your response and to think through the situation. He said whether it be with your M, family, work, or whomever, when somebody says or does something, instead of instinctively reacting, take a moment to remember that you chose to be in this situation with this person and be thankful that you are there with them at that moment, and then respond.


Prayers for Bowzer’s boss who had an emergency appendectomy and one of his employees who is suffering a relapse with cancer. Prayers for Fued’s daughter who is traveling


Close with a big ball of fishy smelling men!

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