Moto Perpetuo Stations

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It was a cool and comfy morning as 17 hard charging PAX met up for some Anthill work.  YHC was pumped to be back at the Q after too long of a hiatus. Mosey to the field to circle up.  Introduction made, no FNG, disclaimer given.  BEGIN!   COP: (20) SSH -IC (20) LBAC forward-IC […]

“FuzzyBalls… FuzzyBalls… It’s Christmas time in the city…”

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17 cheerful PAX rolled in to the BOHICA AO in standard December-in-Florida conditions: warmishly cool with a humidity level that was actually visible.  The faint strains of the Christmas classic “Silver Bells” could be heard playing in the distance.  No, wait.  TENNIS BALLS.  Fuzzy tennis balls on the field? Mosey to the field for…   […]


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On a blustery Wednesday afternoon, Dr Okie and Flounder consumed much BBQ and soon after, felt guilty about the calories they had consumed. In an effort to mitigate the consumption, they dreamed up the first ever Flounder Pounder to be debuted at BOHICA the next day. The next morning, as PAX arrived onsite, there was […]

Michigan Murphs

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16 hard-charging PAX spurned the cool comfort of the fartsack and toed the line with their brothers in quintessential Jacksonville gloomidity.  Conditions were perfect for some CHURN N’ BURN GOODNESS.  The Doctor was in and the disclaimer was given, time to get after it. COP: SSH x 25 IC  (After passing 20, some PAX began […]