Frozen 50

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  • When: 01/04/2018
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Heisenberg, Rachet, Flounder, Feud, Xenu, Synapse, SOD, FNG - Nair, Big Bird

Old Man Shoes, Young Man Moves!
10 Pax left the warmth of their toasty beds to join in the fun aptly dubbed the “Frozen 50”.  Unfortunately due to mumble chatter and the QIC’s merciful nature… 50 Reps weren’t always achieved.  The Pax that did dare to post enjoyed themselves at #BOHICA!
We even had 1 FNG post thanks to Rachet!
CONDITIONS: Colder than a Witches….  Actual Temp was approximately 30 with wind chills somewhere around 20.  This of course didn’t deter a few brave souls posting in shorts!
  • Side Straddle Hops – 25 In Cadence
  • Little Baby Arm Circles – Forward 20 IC / Backwards 20 IC / Big Baby Arm Circles Forward 10 IC / Big Baby Arm Circles Backwards 5 IC
  • Don Quixote – 15 IC
  • Burpees – 10 OYO
  • Bear Crawl to Play ground (from parking lot)
  • Heisenberg’s initial comment dogging my geriatric shoes led me to Question how merciful I felt… continued jabs were thrown, even from the FNG… For the record there was no Velcro!
  • 25 Pull-Ups (overhand)
    • Pax Partnered up for assistance
    • A few Pax Substituted w Body Weight Rows
    • Original plan was 50 straight but I sensed a mutiny…
  • 50 Marching Hip Raise (On 6, Arms out to stabilize w palms up **QIC neglected to call out palms up so I’ll knock out 10 burpees at home**, raise hips, lift one knee to chest, lower back to the start & then alternate)
  • 25 Tempo Merkins – 3 count down, 1 count up.  Initial plan was 50 of these with a pause at the bottom.  With the grumbling we did 25 IC with no pause.  Mumble chatter from Jumanji was something along the lines of not all being like PUD… Admittedly I’d have struggled with 50 straight w a pause but life ain’t easy and if your exercise routine is then your soft.  We need to push ourselves to get better, stronger every day.
  • 10 Pull-ups
  • 25 Merkins OYO
  • Mosey to Gazebo (FNG wasn’t diggin life at this point)
  • 25 Bench Jumps (Original plan was 50 but we were losing Pax)
    • Could Substitute knee tuck jumps or jump squats
  • 10 Prisoner Squats
  • 15 Heisenberg Step ups (Reference was made about envisioning kneeing Heisenberg in the face… I’m sure this was somehow a term of endearment)
  • 50 Floor Wipers
    • This can be done w Coupons, the original thought was to bring out a couple of 45lb plates and a barbell but… in lieu of using weight, we partnered up.  Two options were given… Partner A is on 6 w arms extended.  Partner B locks hands & planks.  The second option was a bit easier as Partner B planked and placed feet in Partner A’s hands.  Partner B must keep abs tight & good form.
    • Partner A keeps Legs tight & straight, raise them up to the side towards the right, lower back to center, then raise them to the left, lower back to center.  Basically making a V.
    • Could Substitute w V- Ups or Mountain Climbers
  • Short Lap
  • 25 Carolina Dry Docks (Floor Inverted Shoulder Press) – Merkin position, bring feet forward & raise hips so your torso is nearly perpendicular to the floor, hands slightly wider than shoulders, arms straight, keep buttocks up in the air, lower head to the ground (almost, don’t hit your head), pause then return to the starting position
  • 25 Inverted Carolina Dry Docks (Inverted Shoulder Press) – same but feet are on bench.
  • Short Lap
  • 25 Pull-Ups
  • Mosey to the flag… it was cold enough… no cool down needed!


  • Rachet’s son graced us w his presence… he quickly volunteered being a Dungeons & Dragons guy, apparently we are all Nerds at heart and this didn’t go anywhere… possible “DemiGorgon” was thrown out but that sounded too cool.  As an EMT he once had to quick out a windshield to escape an ambulance and drag his partner to safety… also super cool but names aren’t necessarily meant to be cool or tough… heck, I’m PUD!  Eventually, we worked our way around to an embarrassing story about shaved eyebrows and an over-correction that left him w one eyebrow… F3 Nair was then given birth!


  • Trinity Rescue Mission – Friday.  Big Bird to communicate with Drone to make sure they know we are coming.  4-6 Pax plan to attend.
  • Heisenberg’s safe return

Peace out until next time!

PUD out…


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