Quality, Not Quantity!

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  • When: 02/05/2018
  • QIC: Airbags
  • The PAX: Osteen, Squeege, Bada Bing, Cable Out, Tinker Toy, Gambler, Pom Pom, Crash, Happy Feet, Peg, Outhouse, Sandcrab and Airbags.

Q arrived at Davis Park jamming to some Dire Straits! (Money for Nothing) I knew I was in the right place when Osteen recognized the tune with windows up! Temperature was just right, but the ground was wet. Do I “modify” or “not modify” because of the wetness? We are F3, so there would be NO MODIFYING today! 13 dedicated PAX arrived following a late night of EAGLE MANIA. Others FARTSACKED!
Warmups included:
Bug Pickers (20)
Michael Phelps/Moroccan Nightclub Combo (20)
Side Straddle Hops (20)
Hillbillies (20)
Mountain Climbers (20)
Next, Mosey to the football field, where everyone got a chance to Q! (No excuses now on Q sign ups) FIRE DRILL was the choice of exercise. Once Fire was put out and PAX were nice and wet, we moseyed to right field fence at Bear Crawl Hall! Bear Crawls were not on the menu today, but FENCE JUMPING was!
Over right field fence, 10 Burpees, Mosey to left field, over fence and 10 more Burpees. Plank until Six arrives.
“Fence Mania” continued at field #2, except with 50 Prisoner Squats.
“Fence Fun” continued at field #3 with 50 LBCs.
By this time, field #4 and the “Freakin Fence” included 40 Merkins.
The rest of “Fence Frustration” would include over each field and waiting at end for Six.
Last fence ended back at Bear Crawl Hall. This fenced turned out to be “Fart Fence” Oh, wait that was BDB!
It was now time to Mosey back to flag, pausing at the Outhouse and “running like you stole something” to the flag! Pax ended where we started with Pickle Pounders and Side Straddle Hops.
Announcements and COT following prayer requests.
Ecclesiastes 4: 5-6, “The fool sits back and takes it easy, His sloth is slow suicide.” “One handful of peaceful repose is better than two fistfuls of worried work.”
Quote by Philo Judaeus: “The body is the soul’s house. Shouldn’t we therefore take care of our house so that it doesn’t fall into ruin?”

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