Men in the Midst

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  • When: 02/13/2018
  • QIC: Osteen
  • The PAX: Outhouse, Peg, Bullwinkle, Bada Bing, Dollar Bill, Airbags (respect), Happy Feet, Rimshot, Sandcrab (respect), Schnitzel (FNG)

As YHC meandered towards the AO between droplets of discouragement from the heavens above, he began thinking of an exercise routine that would be worthy of the PAX who decided to post; notwithstanding the discouragement (implied guilt intentional for those not on the actual IR…Snooki, Snaggle, Hatter, Seinfeld, Kramer, etc.).  Tuesday is a designated run day in Badlands so options were pretty much limited to left foot first or right foot first. Men


20 SSH

10 Murkins

10 Mt. Climbers

10 Peter Parkers

10 Parker Peters

10 Chinooks

THE THANG (Men in the Midst):

  1. Run 2 laps down parking lot path (1 mile each lap) + wheels for the rabbits.
  2. SSH’s for 6
  3. Suicide burpees
    1. First parking lot, sprint to first island and back + 5 burpees,
    2. Second island and back + 5 burpees,
    3. Third island and back + 5 burpees,
    4. Third island and back,
    5. Second Island and back,
    6. First island and back
  4. Rocky Balboas for 6
  5. 10 Murkins
  6. 10 Durkins
  7. Final lap AYG back to flag.

Name FNG – Welcome Schnitzel

F2: Lunch this Friday 11:45 @ Chuys.

BOM – Out.


Had planned to run the bridge and do the suicides by the church but decided against that course due to safety reasons.  Rain and 210 = possible bad results.  Instead, I drove the parking lot right before posting and tracked the parking lot.  1 mile course in parking lot which, by design, keeps the PAX together seemed like a good course.  I need to work on better execution though.

Props to Sandcrab and Rimjo….shot for posting after they did Donna.

Outhouse wore tech that illustrated that the PAX ran 3.5ish miles.  Rabbits ran 4ish likely.

Props to Happy Feet for powering through run day injured!  Shin splints are no joke on a run and you DFQ!

Need to encourage breakouts.  The Chasers did not chase but that is YHC’s fault for not explaining (YHC has a hard time with this as well both for the embedded rules of F3 as well as lack of self motivation).

So…, YHC is putting his new standard in writing:

  • If you’re not winded on a run, you didn’t run fast enough.  LEAD, wheel for the six and Chasers follow suit to keep the PAX together – props to Jumanji who taught me that.  Thank you Rimjo…shot, Peg and Bada Bing for making wheels.
  • If you’re not feeling muscle burn, you didn’t post plain and simple.  Ample opportunity to do more reps, improve form and run faster.
  • No matter what, stay with the PAX.

Running is still boring without chasing a ball!

Happy Fat Tuesday.

Always a pleasure. 


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