Influencing Movement

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9 brogason’s unfartsacked themselves to find their center and align their minds to embrace uncomfortableness. As always, triple claps to Happy Feet for mosquito bombing AO (I gotta get me some of that stuff) and for Wahoo bringing the OFF spray. In fact, Wahoo was actually ready to Q broga as their may have been […]

The Transformed Life

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This week was an eye opening one for YHC and other brothers who are doing the Spartan Race. We train hard but we don’t spend enough time in recovery. Many PAX are nursing shoulder, back and hamstring injuries including YHC. Sometimes YHC needs to throw the pride and expectations out the window to realize what […]

GOAT Broga

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Goat Broga, yes it’s a thing! STOP…Do not read any further until you have watched these YouTube videos: Goat Yoga #1 and Goat Yoga #2 YHC generally stays on top of the latest fitness trends but surprisingly enough YHC had not heard of this new trend popping up all across the US until this week…and actually the #1 […]

Skillful Warriors

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That just happened…F3 Broga just went mainstream! 17 trailblazing, warrior PAX posted as they may have been told that Broga was the new bacon in the mens health and fitness world for 2018. Just as bacon will turn PAX into true warriors, Broga is the conduit to enter into your warrior spirit. As always, YHC […]

Broga Ponte Vedra Casanovas

Broga Casanovas

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12 Badlanders decided not to fartsack this Valentines Day but instead to post for a Broga beatdown ITG. What better way to get stretched out for your M on the day of love because we know the hips are where the real emotion of desire resides. Conditions: Fog, fog everywhere! In true broga fashion we decide […]

Men in the Midst

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As YHC meandered towards the AO between droplets of discouragement from the heavens above, he began thinking of an exercise routine that would be worthy of the PAX who decided to post; notwithstanding the discouragement (implied guilt intentional for those not on the actual IR…Snooki, Snaggle, Hatter, Seinfeld, Kramer, etc.).  Tuesday is a designated run […]